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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


So tired this morning... had to drag myself out of bed this morning... I am not a morning person to begin with and I didn't get much sleep. Talked on the phone until very late, then had to change a reservation. Because it was for the international flight, I kept getting "no seats left on this flight" message which was really freaking me out -- until I had a "brilliant" idea to check the seats left. Duh -- plenty of seats, just a block to prevent changes to international flights. So spent another 40 minutes listening to the most horrible elevator music I have ever heard -- can't even describe it, a mix of screaming, whining, ugh!

On a bright side, I don't really have to be fully awake on TR morning because I am teaching the basic keyboarding course and there isn't much I can do unless students work on their own, so I pretty much babysit for the first several weeks, making sure they are using the correct techniques, of course.

And that reservation? It actually means I am going to spend double time with my travel companion. Definitely not complaining here! ;)

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