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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Have been wrestling with a nasty bug today... Gingerly sipping tea now, feeling much better. I didn't realize how exhausted I was this semester until the last critical item has been submitted. Can't completely relax yet, though -- have to finish the paper (all written, just need to proofread one more time, with a fresh eye) and grade/submit one more batch of grades. Actually, compared to the grueling race this semester, it feels like nothing.

And it's only 17 days until we take off on another adventure!!! And we are going to Australia in October!!! And maybe Tasmania, too???

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Part II: but I am excited about my summer vacation!!!

We are going to Europe for two weeks!!! Yes, it's for a conference... Stop, why oh why do I have to justfiy the trip? I am pathetic, really! :)

Anyway, we are flying to Geneva and catching an overnight train to Vienna via Milan; spending some time in Vienna; taking another train to Salzburg; coming back to Geneva via Munich and Zurich; taking a trip to Chamonix/Mont Blanc -- glacier, ice caves, wow; and then attend a conference for several days while exploring Geneva.

He-he, four countries will be added to my list -- Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Germany (only connected there before). Well, technically, France, too -- have to cross Swiss-French border to go to Chamonix; but we have been to France before so it's not as exciting.

When we come back, I have almost a month of flexible scheduling and hope to write my concept paper and study for the comprehensive exam. If I pass the exam this coming fall, I can start the dissertation in, say, December? Can't wait to get done!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

One down, three more to go...

Didn't get any sleep last night, at all. Had to finish a paper -- with coded data, it ended up being 53 pages! By the time I finished this morning, there was barely enough time to take a quick shower and get to school. Did a presentation in the morning class, wrote a case study summary for the evening class, then tried to take a nap but it was too hot in the car with windows rolled up so managed to stay awake, don't know how... Finally got home but, it's crazy, fully awake now, even though eyes are burning and brain is not capable of processing any useful tasks.

Still have to:
  • complete a major project
  • finish a research paper
  • grade, grade, grade
  • take one more final

Oh, I need a break; really, really, really need a break...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

You know the project is excessively boring when...

  • you spend inordinate amount of time arranging the items that will be used
  • convince yourself that you are tired and really do need a cup of tea
  • look outside, see the bright sun, and end up spending 30 mins on the swing
  • make the "important" phone call
  • check email (what if students "really" need me, right?)
  • buy more time by posting a blog entry about the experience
  • promise yourself you will "really" get started now!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Stop this semester from running away, please!

Only two weeks left at the University and three plus the finals at the College. Yikes!!!

Still need to do:
  • Finish one paper (not much left but I can't find time to concentrate on it)
  • Write a paper from scratch (have some data but need to finish collecting data, too)
  • One major project (the last one was 25+ pages so who knows how long this will take, won't be posted until next week and we only have one week; grrrrrrrrrrr)
  • Two killer finals; one is comprehensive but the teacher is awesome and so I will be fine, don't mind studying; the other one terrifies me, based on midterm experience and teacher's tendency to just throw questions at us.
  • One presentation (well, actually based on the paper so no big deal)
  • And, of course, lots and lots of grading...
  • And meetings, eating up the precious time...
Whew, now at least I have a list... I can do it, I can do it, I can do it...

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