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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Part II: but I am excited about my summer vacation!!!

We are going to Europe for two weeks!!! Yes, it's for a conference... Stop, why oh why do I have to justfiy the trip? I am pathetic, really! :)

Anyway, we are flying to Geneva and catching an overnight train to Vienna via Milan; spending some time in Vienna; taking another train to Salzburg; coming back to Geneva via Munich and Zurich; taking a trip to Chamonix/Mont Blanc -- glacier, ice caves, wow; and then attend a conference for several days while exploring Geneva.

He-he, four countries will be added to my list -- Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Germany (only connected there before). Well, technically, France, too -- have to cross Swiss-French border to go to Chamonix; but we have been to France before so it's not as exciting.

When we come back, I have almost a month of flexible scheduling and hope to write my concept paper and study for the comprehensive exam. If I pass the exam this coming fall, I can start the dissertation in, say, December? Can't wait to get done!!!

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Seeking Solace said...

So awesome!!! I would love to do that!

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