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Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Index

Profgrrrrl posted her Weekend Index so here is my Monday Index.
  • Hours of sleep last night:  4.5 (up at 5:00 am)
  • Showers taken: 1
  • Sleepy dogs packed for a three-day trip:  1 (S. did most of the packing, I just helped; both of us are traveling this week so his Mom is taking the dog)
  • Cats fed and petted, to be left in the care of my brother:  1
  • Fully awake, super excited to be in the car, and aiming for a sloppy kiss (yeeeeewwwww, no kisses for me, especially when I am dressed for work) dogs delivered to Mom: 1 (same dog so does it count?)
  • Portable dog cages assembled: 1
  • Fingers jammed:  3 (one for me, two for Mom)
  • Dog Care 101 tutorials delivered: 1
  • Hours Driven:  5
  • Miles Driven:  270 (50 more to go this afternoon)
  • Classes Taught:  0.5 (1.5 to go, until 5:30 pm)
  • Cups of Coffee Consumed:  3
  • Numbers of hours of between waking up and coming home to collapse for a short nap:  14
  • Papers to grade tonight:  20
  • Conference to proposals to work on:  2
  • Consulting project to finish:  1
  • Committee assignment to complete: 1
  • ETA of bed time:  who knows?!

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