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Friday, December 28, 2007

Breaking the silence... to rant? ;)

Today is Dec. 28th??? What happened to 2007?!?! Alas, can't say I have accomplished anything noteworthy but it has been truly a rollecoaster year -- sad at times, filled with laughter most of the time... probably one of the happiest years of my life... even though not productive...

Like this morning... I woke up smiling after dreaming about somebody very special. ;) Um, you mean I have to get up and work, getting ready for the next semester?! Nope, let's enjoy a latte and chat on the phone first...

As I am sitting on the balcony swing, sipping my latte and dialing the number, I see the Terminix truck pull into my driveway. No, no, no -- go away! Please don't spoil my mood -- I so don't want to yell at you, even though you so deserve a kick in the behind. See, when the guy who treated my house for the past five years left, they assigned this moron to my route. Twice now, he came to the house when I wasn't there, left a "Bob was here" note (how juvenile is that?!), and then charged me for the regular service. Twice now, I had to call and cancel the charges. Last time, I told them -- again -- to remove me from their list.

Behold Bob -- marching to my front door, with a note in his hand, assuming that I am not home (my car is parked in the garage) and he can pull his dirty trick again!!! Ha, not this time!!! You had to see the look on his face when I called out to him from the balcony and calmly told him to leave. If not for his ample beer belly and the law of gravity, he might have jumped.

And what did he do next? Quickly recovering, he told me that he called and left a message on my answering machine (um, a small problem here -- I don't have an answering machine on my landline). I told him to stop lying and leave my property (a deep breath, chill...). The guy then whined and asked me to give him another chance. Are you kidding?! Another deep breath -- "Please. leave. my. property -- NOW!" A fake smile, fighting for control -- "Have a good day!" Grrrrrrrr... A real smile -- back to my delicious latte... ;)

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