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Sunday, December 30, 2007

A quiet day...

The door to my upstairs balcony is open, allowing the breeze to fill the house, gently swaying the curtains and freshening every corner. I love the earthy scent of rain... It's raining hard today but I don't mind -- we desperately need the rain and the sound of rain calms me, helping me concentrate on things that need to be done this weekend.

I played too much yesterday, again. However, I did catch up on at least some things on Thursday and Friday, so it's not so bad. Yesterday morning, we made rather spontaneous plans to go to the amusement park -- and had lots of fun! We finished the day with an ice-skating show and a fun family dinner at, um, Taco Bell! Yeah, sounds crazy but Taco Bell does offer a pretty good selection and so six of us ordered family-style and had fun sharing and laughing. Just a reminder that simple little things are most important in our lives...

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