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Sunday, July 24, 2011


I have been using the same dentist for over ten years, always with great results.  Recently, he decided to semi-retire and share his practice with a younger dentist.  Last time I visited the office for routine cleaning, the new guy talked me into replacing old composite fillings which did not cause any problems whatsoever but, according to him, were a bit darker than they should be.  I agreed.  Thinking back, it was one of those lapses of judgment we all regret later...  There was nothing on the x-ray and so staining must have come from tea/coffee.

So I had an appointment on Tuesday afternoon.  Without telling me, the guy replaced composite (tooth color) filling with old-fashioned amalgam (silver) fillings!  Also, instead of replacing a couple of fillings discussed previously, he replaced six.  Yes, six.  I did not even know I had six old fillings...  Actually, I don't know even know if I really did.  Given his other assumptions, I wonder if he just got happy with a drill???  I know it's just a speculation but still...  The fillings are in the back so not visible when I smile/talk; still, I know they are there.  They are (1) ugly and (2) required more drilling than composite fillings, thus weakening my teeth.

His explanations?  Amalgam fillings last longer.  I had composite fillings for ten years and they were just fine.  I take care of my teeth to minimize the wear and tear!  Explanation for six fillings?  I was there already.  Really?!  Oh, instead of suctioning off pieces of filling material, they told me to rinse my mouth.  Have you tried doing that with half of your mouth totally numb???  Yeah, not much success.  When I finally was able to rinse off my mouth a few hours later, I found at least ten small pieces I could swallowed.  I wonder if I swallowed more???  It's unacceptable and unprofessional!

Now here is the worst part...  My teeth are not just sensitive -- they hurt!  Since Tuesday!  One of the bottom teeth really hurts -- a constant throbbing pain.  I think he damaged the nerve and I may need a root canal now.  The filling is not tight enough to protect my tooth from liquids so there is a sharp pain anytime I try to drink anything.  Every sip hurts!  I am avoiding hot/cold liquids but even room temperature plain water hurts.  However, the filling IS covering the tooth so local analgesic does not penetrate.  I tried both liquid and cream -- no effect.  My gums get a bit numb but the pain is inside.  The only way to stay sane is to take Tylenol.  The numbing effect only lasts a few hours so I wonder how much damage I am doing to my liver...

I have an appointment with my old dentist tomorrow afternoon so, I hope and pray, he does something to relieve my toothache.  It's about to drive me up the wall!!!

Should I file a complaint with ADA???  I did a Google search and found quite a few similar situations so I wonder if people are just accepting pain and suffering as routine or complaints are not going anywhere...  They better NOT charge me for additional treatments!


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