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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Retail Madness -- Not for Me!

S. took Beauty out for a walk on Thursday night, then decided to drive around a bit (she loves sticking her head out of the window).  Next thing I know, he calls me from the outlet mall, telling me it's open and there are lots of people.  I told him -- have fun if you like but I don't feel like fighting crowds for questionable deals.  The crazy guy stayed out all night, calling and waking me up periodically, happily reporting his purchases.  Apparently, the dog and her master had a good time.  She loves people-watching and he loves browsing through stores.  I had a relatively restful night (if you don't count calls every couple of hours).  It's a good thing that I can carry a "conversation" while mostly asleep -- I just put the phone on speaker and mumbled responses when prompted (or most of them anyway) until he would find another "deal" and promise to call back.  Sure, honey, carry on...  Another good thing is that I can fall back asleep fairly easy most of the time.

They came back around 8:00 am, tired.  I was awake and well rested, enjoying a morning cup of coffee and watching shopping madness on TV (that's as close as I am willing to get to it, thank you very much).  S. refused to show me all purchases so I am assuming those were my presents???  S. can't keep secrets for long so I am sure he will spill sooner or later, lol.

I did buy a few things online, after tracking prices for a few months, so I know for sure I saved a bit of money.  Not much but probably more than most of these crazy people who don't realize that retailers often jack up prices and then post huge discounts, luring people into thinking they are saving buckets of money.  Yeah, sure...

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profgrrrrl said...

I can totally see him getting into the whole shopping thing ... :)

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