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Friday, July 28, 2006

Cool CD!

I already posted this info on my Africa site but just in case you don't care about going there... :)

One of our seminar participants was Dr. Anthony Kellman, a very cool guy as well as gifted author and singer/musician. I have truly enjoyed talking to him on our long bus rides and was delighted to find out he just released a new CD! Here is a link: Go enjoy free tracks and maybe even get a copy! I am sure he won't mind signing it for you. :)

Talking about seminar participants, we had an awesome group. I was the only one w/out a Ph.D. -- yikes! My distance learning experience made up for that shortcoming, though, since I was in high demand and nobody else was an expert in that area. We had a literature/theory professor/poet who speaks six (yes, six) languages; a linguist who speaks four languages; a famous environmental engineer; and many other interesting people who made our long bus trips so fun. I think most people were at least bilingual (I am fluent in three).

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