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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Nigeria: Day 1

(1) Abuja -- capital of Nigeria -- was a jungle 15 years ago; today, there are seven satellite communities and these are forming the infrastructure of the new city. All the roads are new (but in a good condition by our standards), there are no stop signs and only a few traffic lights. Many buildings are not finished and we were told that people move in and finish building later (like adding doors, windows, amenities, etc.).
(2) Our hotel is advertised as "Luxury Collections" and it is clean and fairly comfortable. However, we had to figure out a few things. For example, there is an individual water heater in every room. Last night, we ended up taking cold showers (really cooling if not refreshing!!!) before we figured out how to turn the heater on. We do have an air conditioner (works great -- had to turn it down because it was too cold), a TV, a fairly nice computer and a free Internet connection in our room (even though the connection is very, very slow). I had to request another set of sheets, though -- the ones I had looked like they were washed but not really.

Got to run -- will finish later

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Seeking Solace said...

Wow. I hope you will be posting pics of your trip!

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