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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Working, working, working...

Had to be on campus, working, for the last two Saturdays. We are holding new student orientation, one on our main campus (last week) and the other on our satellite campus (today). It was somewhat fun, actually. I talked to many prospective students and their parents, promoted our new courses, and chatted with other instructors, many of whom I don't get to see often. We are not required to attend these events but they look very nice on the annual evaluation and I do like to meet my future students because, in many cases, it establishes a certain level of respect and shows that I care. Many of these students are coming back on Monday so they can register for classes so my time hasn't being wasted.

However, that means that I will have another very busy week, especially since one faculty member in our program will be gone all week, attending a conference. There are only three of us and, since the third person is fairly new, I will be in charge of registration; would rather not have that responsibility and work load but can't do anything about it.

On a bright side, it's nice and cool today, so I can work outside. :)

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