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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Smart or disoriented?

My university features profiles of students and faculty members on the home page, showcasing various accomplishments. This afternoon, there was a picture of a serious-looking young man, with this note: Two Honor's Degrees, Four Majors

I rarely pay attention to these things and already clicked on the link but went back and checked, just to make sure I am not having a double vision. Sure thing, two honor's degrees and, indeed, four majors. Now, I don't want to sound negative, but can't help but wonder... Is this guy a genius or just disoriented, taking in everything because he can't make up his mind about what his true academic interests? Hmmm... just curious... I am sure he is a hard-working type, though; can't imagine being able to do something like that.

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Anonymous said...


That is a good thing
you shoud keep him l;)
I just failed from attending to study Master degee...


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