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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Moving along...

Even though I stayed up very late last night (well, this morning, I guess), helping Dr. Special study over the phone, I was up at 8:30 a.m. Mainly because my parents are here and I wanted to make breakfast for them. I don't see them that often so it's a treat to have them for a weekend.

My choices weren't that healthy but yummy -- pigs in blankets (made with Parker's roll so soft inside but crispy outside, so good), boiled eggs, and fruit salad. And I love my Tassimo -- everybody had what they wanted, fresh and delicious (tea, regular coffee, and cappuccino).

Now I am working on the list:

  • Update grades (for seven classes, it's a never-ending task)
  • Post announcements for all classes
  • Do homework for two classes
  • Write a 10-page paper
  • Write a case summary
  • Write at least a couple of pages for the on-going research paper
  • Look over the lesson plans for next week and tweak as necessary
  • Write and submit a conference proposal
  • Write and submit another conference proposal (came with this idea last night)

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