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Friday, October 01, 2010

Day 67: Chili

S. requested chili yesterday -- cooler weather is getting to him, too, apparently. :)  I had a long drive and so didn't have time to cook the "real" chili but I did improvise and he was happy.

After perusing after freezer, I found some leftover beef and mushroom stew.  Perfect base!

For his batch, I opened a can of Campbell's Chunky Roadhouse chili and emptied it into the slow cooker.  Then added leftover stew (after reserving some for my own batch).  OK, two more veggies!  I sauteed green peppers and vine-ripened tomatoes.  Added some chili seasoning...  And set on a medium setting to simmer for a couple of hours until S. got home, to blend flavors.

For my batch, I mixed leftover stew, sauteed green peppers and tomatoes, and some chili seasoning.

We enjoyed our "chili" with shredded cheese (non-fat for me).  I also made fresh bread for S. (no time for "real" bread so opened a can of French loaf).

Great dinner, with minimum efforts!  Yeah, not really "homemade" but it was good! :)

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