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Friday, January 28, 2011

Inflatable Cars?! Really?!

I worked very late last night and so wanted to sleep in this morning.  So sometimes after 8:00 am I was dreaming about the full size inflatable car -- red, four door small sedan, Chevy Aveo maybe, if you must know. :)  I do drive a red car but it's a regular size two-door convertible, nothing like this crazy dream.  Anyway, I could even hear a commercial, something about wanting to wash your car and having fun with an inflatable car.  Like washing your car is fun, right...

Then the house phone rang and the guy wanted to sell Gevalia special-edition rare never-to-exist or sold again coffee.  I told him to get lost, as politely as possible.  Tried going back to sleep but my dream is gone... :(  So I made real coffee and got some work done instead. 

P.S. I did Google inflatable cars and you may be able to buy one here:

Supposedly, you buy the car online, it gets shipped to you in two cardboard boxes, and the estimated assembly time is less than two hours. The car is made out of "airbags" - the same polymer materials used to cushion NASA's rovers when they landed on Mars. The company claims that you can drive the car off a cliff without serious injury, and that it will float in a flood or tsunami.

Anyway, back to work...

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