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Monday, January 24, 2011

Your own rules? I don't think so!

One of my students already missed last week's deadline because s/he did not have a book (available on reserve, as clearly stated in the course syllabus) and assumed s/he was not responsible for any assignments.  Sigh... 

End of story? No!

So this student shows up in my office, with Mom in tow.  Sadly, it happened before and I thought I made it very clear that Mom was not to interfere with her offspring's courses.  My request worked for one semester but here she was again, demanding that her child be allowed to make up assignments.  I very politely and kindly acknowledged her care for her child but firmly requested that the child (in mid 20s) be allowed to act as a responsible adult.  She apologized (not sure if she really meant it...) and the student understood that missed deadline cannot be reversed with the above-mentioned flimsy excuse.

End of story? Nope!

I get an email yesterday, a few hours before another deadline.  The student (or Mom writing for the student?!) is stating that s/he cannot install the required program on the library computer and, therefore, will be submitting documents via email attachments.  Library, on Sunday?  Also, this assignment has to be submitted through an appropriate link because it's too cumbersome to grade via email attachment.  I was not about to change my rules and invest extra time on grading just because this student is being irresponsible!  So I emailed back and stated that this assignment must be submitted via software and it's student's responsibility to find a computer that allows the download.  By the way, it's a web course and so students sign an agreement that they do have their own computer and are able to download programs, so there!

End of story? Not yet!!!

I get an email this morning, stating that since email attachments are not allowed, the student will be in my office tomorrow to submit files via USB drive.  The answer will be a firm NO.  If Mom shows up again, she will be asked to see the department head.


1 comment:

Seeking Solace said...

No. Friggin'. Way!!!

This is someone in their mid 20's who needs Mommy to handle her issues?

Egad...I fear for our future.

Good for you for standing your ground!

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