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Monday, January 17, 2011

A nice start...

After the last several semesters of chasing institutional deadlines and being forced to spend way too much time on issues that were not of much personal interest, I am finally back in control.  This semester will be very busy, no doubt, but things are already flowing nicely.  I am almost done with lesson planning for the entire semester (our new faculty member is shadowing me so I am forced to plan ahead but it's good -- once done, I can focus on other stuff)...  My major professor and I are working on an interesting research proposal that, fingers and toes crossed, will result in an exciting summer trip.  S. and I are working on a research proposal that, fingers and toes crossed once again, will result in another cool trip to a destination we always wanted to visit.  I am teaching a new course that involves playing with innovative technology tools so both my students and I are excited!  I am back on weight loss plan as well as dissertation installment writing -- both require taking small but determined steps.  So far so good!

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