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Friday, December 30, 2011

Smarty Had A Party

After writing for the past two weeks, I am burned out... but need to finish!!!  Today is almost gone and I am still playing, dreaming of throwing parties...  S. and I love entertaining but haven't done much lately because both of us are so busy.

For small groups, I always use nice china, always!  It does not take that long to clean up but using real china and silverware is so elegant and makes food look and taste better.

For large groups, using nice china/silverware is difficult because of (1) clean up time, (2) availability of enough settings, and (3) potential damage, especially if kids are involved.  On a side note, my kids will use real china/silverware from the very beginning.  My siblings and I did.  Yes, there were a few items broken but accidents happen.  We never threw things in a tantrum like I have seen some kids do.  I strongly believe that teaching good manners early pays off handsomely later.  But I digress...

So, for large groups, I love supplies from Smarty Had A Party.  They have lots of cool stuff.

Now back to writing, sigh...

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