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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hectic but OK day...

  • Surprisingly, woke up early, feeling refreshed -- went to bed late and totally exhausted.
  • Somehow wasted time getting ready and then had to rush out the door.
  • Taught 8:00 a.m. class. Fun stuff today -- simple interest, looking for car loans, comparing cars, etc. Students seemed to enjoy activities and I didn't see any glazed expressions, so that's good news.
  • Drove to the University City and, guess what, found a prime parking spot! Way cool!
  • Taught a class -- another success story! Students were actively engaged and seemed to be really enjoying the projects we completed today.
  • Found a quiet spot and worked on my stats homework. This course is driving me nuts! I read the book and go over the notes; sections make sense but I can't seem to "get" the whole picture. It's just soooooo meaningless! Remember "But it doesn't mean anything!" complaint from The Sound of Music? That's how I feel!
  • Went to see my stats instructor and was glad to hear that I did get several problems right. Well, hard work pays off but it's so frustrating and takes soooooo much time.
  • Drove home with a top down -- nice and cool (but not cold).
  • Made a tuna stir fry for dinner -- yum!
  • Now will try to work for a few hours -- until I fall asleep, I guess...
  • Have a great Thursday, everybody! :)

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