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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How to annoy (or please) your students...

  • Provide pages and pages of meaningless instructions, only to post more directions.
  • Make spelling errors in every other word.
  • Use "folks" in every sentence.
  • Come up with weird file names.
  • Post specific requirements for a project two days late.
  • Require a gazillion group projects while teaching the course online.

Yep, one of my current instructors. The other professor runs through PowerPoint presentations as if his/her life depends on it -- in a stats class, too. From time to time, there is a brief stop to just get out "Any questions?" and, before any questions are posed, full charge ahead.

My third instructor, though, is awesome. He/she provided a great course syllabus, posts instructions on time, and answers questions/posts comments on a regular basis. All assignments are relevant and interesting.

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