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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Just putting out fires...

Oh, sooooooooo much to do... And two absolutely meaningless and stupid projects are driving me nuts! The kind that inspire a sigh of disgust, know what I mean? Not difficult but taking a long time because you just can't make yourself create trash? And I can't concentrate on other things (well, a mountain of stuff) until I push these two out of my printer and mind.

The weather is not helping -- it's gray and gloomy, raining from time to time... A great weather for spending a day curled up in a favorite chair with a good book. Alas, can't afford doing that... On days like this, when I would rather do something fun and not worry about school stuff, I question my sanity about pursuing a Ph.D. However, I am quickly reminded of the reason when I think about spending the rest of my life in our Sleepy Town (um, officially City). No way! I can do it and get out!

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