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Monday, December 11, 2006

Almost done!

  • Took my last final this afternoon -- we had three hours for 17 questions and it did take that long. I think I did fine. If I made 90 or above, I will have an A. Keeping my fingers crossed... Kinda too late, right? ;)
  • Will spend a couple of hours tonight updating and posting final grades for two classes I am teaching as TA.
  • Have a program luncheon tomorrow -- made egg "mushrooms." Curious? Very easy but looks cute! Cut off tips of hard-boiled eggs to make mushroom caps; carefully scoop out the yolk; stuff eggs with anything you like -- I used crab salad this time; place stuffed eggs on a platter; make very strong tea; place "caps" into the mixture for 15-20 -- they will turn brown and look like real caps; place caps on stuffed eggs; decorate with any greens to make grass (I usually use parsley, dill, or curly lettuce). I will post a photo later.
  • Still a long list of other things to do but getting there, slowly...
  • Going to New York again in January! ;) Wish I could go every week but it's not very practical, is it? Have to be patient...

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