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Friday, December 22, 2006

End of the Year Review Meme

As seen everywhere... I created this blog in April and so my list is short but whatever... ;)

April: Having observed other bloggers for quite some time now, I decided it's time to join.

May: Landed contracts for two continuing education workshops, one for mining workers and another for the local K-12 teachers!!!

June: Tired of a small town I call home now...

July: After two eight-hour flights (Atlanta-Frankfurt and Frankfurt-Port Harcourt-Abuja) and a three-hour layover in Frankfurt, I am tired but, surprisingly, not exhausted.

August: It has been a crazy week so far -- final assignments coming in spurts, business writing seminar demanding my attention, and at least a million other things pulling me in different directions.

September: I can't believe it's already our last night here...

October: One of my business mathematics students finally decided to buy a calculator (at least I hope I convinced him this morning) -- after trying to follow complex calculations by working out every problem on paper.

November: We just finished the unit on Excel in my online course.

December: Inbox offered an email from a student who registered for my online course section, changed her mind, and now trying to get in; alas, the section is closed and there is a long waiting list.

Boooring... Maybe I will do better next year. :)

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