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Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's nice working at home and other things...

This semester, I don't have any standing obligations on Thursdays, leaving them free for working at home and occassional meetings if necessary. I don't know how about any of you but I can't get much done at work -- too many phone calls, students, noise... This morning, I woke up early, made a cup of coffee, and already accomplished quite a bit. I am going to treat this day just like any other work day and avoid pampering myself; this way, I hope to be able to stay as caught up on things as possible and don't feel as guilty about treating myself on weekends.

And I do have a lot of things to accomplish this semester. All three courses I am taking require major projects so I better get started right away (actually, already did) and stay on schedule. Teaching seven courses, six preps, three of them online. Attending one international and at least one local (within driving distance) conference.

So, yeah, a lot of advance planning and perseverance but I know I can do it. One more year and I will be done with coursework, so thinking about my dissertation already. Have some ideas but nothing concrete yet; working with my major professor on the mutual topic of interest should help, I think, so I am not worried; things will fall into place -- they always do.

So how is your semester going so far? Have a full plate? I am sure you do. :)

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