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Saturday, January 13, 2007

My Saturday

Overall, it was a pretty good day. I allowed myself to sleep in, then luxuriated in bed for some time, reading and thinking through some issues. Accomplished quite a bit, too:
  • Graded some assignments (yeah, already)
  • Revised a paper
  • Cleared my Inbox
  • Updated class rolls for all classes -- due on Monday night so I am ahead
  • Worked on some preps for next week
  • Completed several of my own assignments; so far, the load is quite manageable
  • Started working on my Spring and Fall schedules (due by 1/22)
  • Started looking for articles -- need to submit a research proposal next week; I think I can finish a rough draft of my lit review by Monday night so I can demonstrate to my professor that I can work independently; he prefers us to work in groups but it's so inconvenient for me -- I live about an hour away from University City and so each trip means two hours wasted on driving.

OK, it's time to exercise -- I lost almost 20 lbs; walking fast at least three miles (usually four or close to four) every night; it feels great!

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