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Thursday, January 04, 2007

So what do I do when I am feeling blue?

I make hot chocolate for coworkers. Yeah, silly, but it felt good. And we were freezing since Plant Operations apparently decided that we needed AC today; they should have just saved energy since it wasn't cold enough for heat or hot enough for AC.

Although I can't really blog about the situation that made me upset, I can't stay away from blogging, either. Crazy, huh? Although I don't write interesting stuff like many of you, it feels good to just ramble about things, maybe raise some questions. Right now, I am rethinking a lot of things in my life, like some of my negative traits, for example, and how they keep getting me in trouble. I already made some adjustments and it feels good, really good; I am much calmer, both personally and professionally.

Classes start on Monday and I am not freaking out, that's kinda unusual. Amazingly, things keep getting done -- syllabi are ready, copies are made, online courses updated, and even some course assignments are going to be completed tomorrow. I wonder if I kept getting behind because I tried to do too many things at once, tripping all over my own good intentions and worries? Anyway, I am testing myselt -- want to see if these changes are permanent.

Oh, and I lost about 10 lbs. Feels good... :)

Somebody just pointed out a major error in the course syllabus -- I guess I am not as calm as I think. Ah, deep breath -- in, out -- I can do it.

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