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Monday, July 19, 2010

Adventures in Boston

I can't believe I am flying back tomorrow...  We arrived yesterday and walked until we could barely stand but it was so much fun.  I had been to Boston several times before so loved sharing my memories with S. and making OUR memories...  We ended the day at P. F. Chang's, sharing several of our favorite dishes.  What a perfect day!

This morning, I lazed in bed and taught a class online.  Our room is on the 20th floor and has panoramic windows so the view is gorgeous!  Actually, it felt like camping outside last night -- in the luxury of goosedown duvet, soft sheets, and air-conditioned environment, of course. ;)

This afternoon, S. (who presented at the conference this morning) and I bought sandwiches and enjoyed lunch outside.  Ooooh, I missed Boston lobster roll... savored every bite!

Now just a few hours left -- I have to be at work tomorrow and have a very early morning flight.  So early that even T trains are not running yet so ended up paying seven times what T fare costs to get the shuttle.  Of course, it could be worse -- taxi fare is actually $38, compared to $2 for T fare.

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