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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good & Bad

So I usually have a few students who want to race through the course.  I applaud their desire to stay ahead instead of barely meeting deadlines.  However, some students just do that -- race.  My courses are appropriately challenging and most assignments require at least some thought, rather than mindless racing.  I had to explain to one student today that simply completing assignments is far from enough.  Quality is what I am really asking students to demonstrate.  S/he was complaining that Week 3 assignments were not updated.  I asked her/him if s/he truly spent enough time on Weeks 1-2 and submitted high quality assignments.  S/he wasn't sure.  I hope I got the message through.  I hope...

I was not able to even touch the prospectus stuff for over a week now.  But I am back to writing, yay!!!  I made nice progress in late December so, if I were an airplane, I would be making a final approach now!  Once I submit my chapters to the major professor, I can finalize the IRB and start making arrangements for data collection, woo-hoo!  Hopefully, I will be able to defend in early February.  The light at the end of the loooooooooong bleak tunnel is finally glowing brighter!

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