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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How do I survive???

This morning, I sent a few measly pages to my major professor and felt like having a good cry.  I try and try and try to find precious time for writing without any interruptions.  I wish I could be productive for a couple of hours here and there.  But, unfortunately, it takes time for me to get back into the writing mode.  Once I find the rhythm again, I am out of time, once again.  Thus, only accomplishing a few sentences here and there, not pages I keep hoping for...  I managed to write about ten pages of raw notes in late December so that was great.  However, I need to figure out how to accomplish that every couple of days, not every couple of months.

I must defend my prospectus this semester -- no other choice whatsoever, not at all...  So have to find that sheer determination I had when I survived a full load of grad courses and demands of the full-time job, semester after semester.  I allowed myself to relax -- a huge mistake!


Sunny said...

Good luck with your writing..I, too, feel the block at times. Hang on.

Seeking Solace said...

Don't beat yourself up for relaxing and needing to recharge. Think about how worse it could be if you didn't listen to your body!

Hang in there. Hugs!!!

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