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Monday, January 02, 2012

Super Easy Creme Brulee

Here is how I made creme brulee in just a few minutes.
I forgot to take photos before serving, sorry...
First, I love this set.  The package below makes eight servings so I bought two sets and love them.  Because creme brulee contains so many calories, I don't make this dessert often.  I do use this set for other desserts, like flan.

Second, I love this creme brulee kit.  All you need to do is heat up the base, pour into individual ramekins, refrigerate, sprinkle with sugar (provided), spray with flaming mix (provided), and light to lightly caramelize the top, while guests are watching in awe!  Never fails!  Yes, I agree -- it does not taste just like homemade but very close!  If you have made the "real" creme brulee before, you know it's a delicate and time-consuming process.  Creating a very similar dessert in just a few minutes sure works for me.  It's rich and creamy.

We served in individual ramekins.  S. loves serving this dessert -- sprinkling, spraying, and lighting is a treat for him, lol!

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