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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Morning Adventures

S. is tutoring a student today so I wanted to make breakfast for them.  Well, S. forgot to mention one important fact until this morning -- the student might be a vegetarian since he is from India.  OK, my plan of bacon potatoes was certainly out the window.  So I turned to my super-fast and yummy alternative -- Nutella Croissants.  I usually keep a can of flaky crescents in the fridge, just for this reason.  Just roll out, spread Nutella, roll up, bake, and sprinkle with powdered sugar.  Done!  Looks and tastes divine!  Of course, using homemade croissant dough is even better but it takes forever to make homemade croissants.  Yeah, well worth it but time is not something I have right now.

While croissants were baking, I decided to make hot chocolate, too.  I bought some organic milk at the market yesterday.  S., whose mother only uses hot chocolate mix, apparently keeps forgetting that I make my hot chocolate with real cocoa.  So he scooped a generous portion of cocoa into his mouth.  You should have seen his face!!!  He had to rinse his mouth several times, lol.  Then he cautiously took a sip of my hot chocolate...  Ah, much better...  

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