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Friday, October 27, 2006

Full of energy today!

I slept a little longer than usual (8:00 instead of usual 6:30) so woke up rested and ready to conquer anything that comes my way today. And I do have a "mountain" to scale today.

My program requires a first-author article before the comps. Although I still have just over a year of coursework, I would rather take care of that requirement early and now feels like a good time. I helped my advisor a little (coding data, writing an abstract, and light editing to reduce the number of words) with an article for a conference we attended together and then wrote a short book chapter (it needed heavy editing but it was a great learning experience). My advisor provided lots of great feedback so I am ready to write an article, I think, especially since it's related to what we have doing before, thus providing an extra "crutch."

I planned to start yesterday but, with all that moving excitement and back-breaking labor of putting my office together, I only had time to think about this project. Actually, it gave me a chance to develop a mental outline.

This morning, ideas are flowing and my fingers are flying... Wow, feels good!

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