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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ahhhh, students...

UPDATE: She dropped one of the courses today. Come on, drop the other, too; you are already failing anyway.

Remember my "favorite" student, the one trashing me around campus and demanding to remain in my online courses anyway? Well, Unit 1 assignments were due last night. Did she submit any? Nope! Go on, keep digging your own grave. I would love to see you in VP's office again. What's your excuse now? Discrimination will NOT work, believe me.


Vanes63 said...

She's in 2 of your courses? How did I miss this story? What happened?

I need links :(.

P.S. Thank you for the birthday wishes :D.

Alice said...

Oh, I had a run-in with a student back in April; well, really two years ago. She requested an independent study for Spring 2004 semester and I foolishly agreed. After grading her papers full of errors, listening to long list of excuses, and reading rude responses, I was so glad when that semester was over. Surprise, surprise -- she shows up in April 2006; apparently, she is taking additional courses (just because fin aid is paying???), including two of my online courses. So, being the pain she is, she demands me to survey my current students and find out if anybody would sell any used books to her! Can you believe it??? I refuse, of course, and she goes around campus, trashing my teaching style, communication skills, you name it. I had enough of that and referred her to VP of Student Affairs. Did she get the message? Nope, she insists on taking my courses anyway. So now she dropped one of them (um, her average was zero) and has a failing average in the other (I'm not really surprised -- academic abilities are just not there).

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