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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fun and relaxing weekend...

I am spending a weekend with my family -- brother's b-day was this past week (he turned 18 -- wow!!!) and, of course, Father's Day is tomorrow. They keep a pontoon boat on the beautiful lake not far from their house and we spent the day there.

OK, getting ahead of myself... :) My mother and I left the house very early this morning and went to the state farmer's market; it was fun walking around, looking for bargains, picking up fresh fruit and vegetables. We enjoyed spending time together and did get some great bargains!

When we returned home, everybody else was up and Mom made delicious pancakes; she has a special recipe like many parents do, I guess.

Then we drove to the lake... It was lots of fun -- enjoying the scenery and each other's company, riding waves (I was soaked wet -- inside the boat -- countless times), pulling the tube (with my brother, I am not that crazy), cooking shish kebobs, eating cherries and having a spitting contest (yeah, silly), soaking sun, etc.

It's late but I am wide awake and actually can appease my guilt and code some data I should have coded like yesterday. Oh, well, I will finish everything tomorrow; life is too short and I was too busy last semester to enjoy it; and I will be good next week and complete most items on my list.

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