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Friday, June 30, 2006

I am all jittery...

Too much coffee and not enough sleep is one reason. Checking and rechecking the contents of my luggage is another, and probably more relevant, reason. It's not like I am a rookie traveler. However, I have never gone on a trip where necessities are not easily replaced/replenished if necessary.

Over the years, I forgot something only once -- it was a totally impromptu trip and I had less than 30 minutes to make reservations and pack. The problem was taken care of by a brief shopping expedition. Unfortunately, if I forget something important for this trip, I may have to suffer for three weeks (maybe I am too gloomy but I don't know for sure, hence jittery feelings and nervous perusal of my bag).

I am checking in one large bag and taking two tightly packed carry-ons. So far it looks like I am within weight/size limitations; huge sigh here. Oh well, the main bag is zipped and I will NOT open it again. If I wake up in a middle of the night and think of something, it will go into my carry-on.

If I do forget something, I will console myself with my laptop, ipod, and novels -- those are definitely packed (I checked!). And, hey, I may look nice in one of those African outfits -- doubt it, though, since I don't really like "flowing" dresses; I am more of "business type" girl.

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~profgrrrrl~ said...

It'll all be well, I'm sure. I go through the same pre-trip worries. :)

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