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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My summer so far...

Well, compared to my last semester (when I had to drive to class at least three times a week, over one hour one way -- that's for 14 credit hours; teach two classes as TA and six as a full time instructor), this semester is wonderful. Imagine -- officially going to work only on Tuesdays (all day but who cares). Of course, I do work much more (again, who cares). Working in your comfy clothing, with a cup of good coffee, and w/out demanding students knocking on your door is sooooooo much more pleasant.

My students are settling down and emailing me less than last week, so I can actually accomplish some of my own stuff. Our program requires at least one first-author article, published in a peer-reviewed journal. Considering my total lack of research experience, that's a major challenge and I am not going to wait until all coursework is done before meeting this requirement. I have several pretty good ideas, I think, and so need to polish them up and conduct at least one research study next semester. One project looks especially promising since it's not well explored yet and may catch editors' attention or so I hope; I just need to make it shine so interest is not extinguished by a poorly conducted and/or presented study.

Meanwhile, I am working with my major professor on another very interesting project; it's pretty cool since I am not only learning the ropes but also really enjoying the project itself. Who knows, I may even add my own twist to it later and see what emerges. I am meeting with Major Prof tomorrow to discuss some things and, guess what, doctorate program is too cool if it allows lunch meetings. I probably sound extremely naive but my Master's program professors would have never endorsed such working plans. Anyway, I have a wonderful advisor and look forward to learning lots of stuff. Thanks, Major Prof! :)

Also, counting days to my Africa trip; going to Nigeria and Cameroon in July. This trip will allow me to meet with many colleagues from their major universities; I am especially excited about learning how they conduct online programs since it's my main area of interest. Of course, I caused a stir in our small town pharmacy last week when I filled my prescriptions (malaria pills to be taken daily and another prescription in case of emergency).

My students are as excited as I am; already have a long list of postcard requests. Last year, when I spent four weeks in Thailand (and made short trips to Cambodia and Laos), they were eagerly awaiting my emails and kept checking for updated photos. I was able to apply some of the things to class projects so it was fun.

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