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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Tired of a small town I call home now...

American Cities That Best Fit You::
60% Austin
60% San Diego
55% Atlanta
55% Miami
45% Honolulu
Hmmm... Austin is totally out of question. Atlanta -- maybe (lived there for over 10 years and loved it). San Diego, Miami, or Honolulu? Sounds pretty cool!

Oh, well! I just finished my 1st year as a doc student so plenty of time to decide and, as my luck goes, I probably won't be able to find a job in those cities anyway.


Vanes63 said...

Why is Austin out of the question? It's a very nice city and has much better weather than people give it credit for.

Huge university there also.

Just saying...

Alice said...

Mostly friends' recommendations. I have to confess -- never been to Austin. I guess I need to check it out before making the final decision. Thanks for reminding me! :)

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