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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

On elusive love and happiness...

Dad surprised Mom with a nice bouquet of flowers today -- just because. How sweet is that??? They have a standing Saturday night date. After almost thirty-two years of marriage and three kids, they are still in love, even though they had their shares of ups and downs and still quarrel from time to time.

That's the kind of marriage I want but, unfortunately, it's not on the horizon yet. I guess I am scared of failure. I know that I won't be able to put up with a husband who does not support me when I need him. But I can't even imagine what kinds of scars divorce would leave; it does not have to be ugly to be destructive (in fact, as discussed with someone today, ugly divorce is probably indicative of lack of love to begin with); but having someone to be your soul mate and then giving it all up, that must be so painful. My heart goes out to anybody who is in that position; yet, it takes two to have a successful marriage; what else can you do if your partner is not willing to contribute and/or absconds with your heart?

I had two close calls with a marriage thing but backpedaled when I didn't sense the total committment. Am I being too picky? Or just didn't meet the right guy? I am thinking the latter.

So I decided to join e-harmony -- again. Last time, most of my matches were so not my type; nothing against biker types but I am not looking for one. There were some who appeared to be nice but I am not exactly a model myself so I can't expect really cool guys to be interested (my self-esteem is just fine; just being realistic).

Maybe I will get lucky this time. :) So far, none of the matches responded (for real -- it's only been a couple of hours) but two look interesting; will see, I guess.

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~profgrrrrl~ said...

That's so sweet about your parents!

I hope you find your match. They use 29 scientific dimensions, y'know, so it's probably statistically proven to work or something ;)

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