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Monday, June 19, 2006

Bad News and Good News

Bad News
  • Came home this afternoon and discovered that somebody kicked down my mailbox; probably stupid kids wondering around looking for trouble. You can imagine my shock when I saw that the post was broken!!!
Good News
  • The family from across the street waited for my arrival and walked over immediately to offer help; my mailbox was messed up overnight, apparently, but they did not want to do anything w/out my permission.
  • The husband fixed the post temporarily while I chatted with his wife. She told me that another mailbox on our street was damaged, probably because it looks different (it's the one with a lock since I travel frequently and don't want anybody just reaching in and pulling my mail out). And I live in a safe neighborhood so there is no way neighborhood kids are responsible... Alas, idiots cannot be contained to their own areas.
  • It's so nice to have wonderful neighbors who care!


Vanes63 said...

At least your neighbors are cool.

People who broke your mailbox = uncool.

Speaking of breaking things, the apartment maintenance crew (2 guys) came in and finally (after living here for almost a year with the light never working) fixed the light.

I am filled with excitement about the ability to see the color on the food I am cooking while I am cooking, instead of taking it to the dining area before I know what color it is...

Alice said...

I am sorry it took them so long. Glad you can enjoy colors now! :)

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