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Friday, June 09, 2006

Tired but satisfied...

I am so tired today -- we interviewed candidates for one of our open positions all day long, trying to do everything in one day and avoid wasting another day. The problem is that this position is for our satellite campus and it takes about one hour just to get there; that's why we were hoping to find at least two good candidates today (we have to select two candidates and allow our dept chair to make the final decision). And we did!!! :) And it feels so good!!! :)

One interesting thing happened, though. After reviewing all applications last week, only one applicant appeared to be very promising and several others were "maybes." We invited all of them today for on-site interviews and teaching demonstrations. Well, our top candidate happened to go first and did great, so we felt like she would get the job. Surprise, surprise -- one of our "dark horses" outshined the top candidate!!! Even though she did not have any community college teaching experience. I guess it's another reminder why we thoroughly review all applications and offer on-site interviews to all potentially eligible applicants, even if there is only a glimmer of hope; you just never know.

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