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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Well, don't want to write about cats every day but...

those two little rascals decided to raid my refrigerator magnets. I buy a magnet every time I visit a new place and, since I love traveling, my refrigerator is covered with magnets (um, was covered until this morning). How they got the magnets remains a mystery -- probably climbed on top and pawed those that caught their attention (only random magnets were gone). I found some magnets under the rug -- clear evidence that somebody was having lots of fun playing with them. However, there is still a sizable blank spot on my fridge; I have no idea how many magnets are missing and where they will turn up.

Update: Aaah, caught one thief... Heard noise in the kitchen while I was writing this and found one cat on his hind legs pawing another magnet. Hopefully, he will stay away for now. :)

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