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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Random ramblings...

  • Why oh why did I buy a portable garage to protect my car if my neighbor's cat can sneak in and sleep on it??? And mess it up??? I was seething mad this morning when I walked out with only a few minutes to spare, thinking it's sparkling clean since I just washed it on Saturday, and discovered that my car was covered in pawprints. Ugh!!! I do not condone animal abuse but I was tempted this morning.
  • My students did presentations this morning and most of them actually followed directions and found interesting and accurate information. Yeah!!!
  • Of course, we learned a few, um, "interesting" facts: (1) Did you know that people in Mali do not recognize July 4th as their Independence Day?! Instead, they "changed" it to September 22nd. I had to explain the reason, to college students! Another ugh! (2) Did you know that "width of Jamaican Island is 50 mm"? No comments here! Just a tired sigh...
  • I am stuck in my office until 3:20 p.m. for office hours. Because the door opens into a busy hallway, I can never concentrate and, therefore, nothing ever gets accomplished. I prefer working at home.
  • Although I don't usually worry about packing and can actually pack an overnight bag in five minutes or less, the upcoming trip is different. I will be in Africa for three weeks, traveling from place to place while attending a number of official functions. I hate overpacking but I will need to bring enough casual and business outfits to last even if there is no access to laundry services. And there is a weight limit within Africa (strictly enforced or so I hear) -- no more than 20 kg in checked luggage and two reasonable carry-ons. Twenty kilos sounds like a lot but it's really not that much. And so I worry while I should be looking forward to this experience.
  • Clarification: It's checked luggage (20 kg) PLUS two carry-ons, so it's not as bad as my original post implied. I will be creative with my carry-on bags and probably manage to pack another 20 kilos. ;)
  • Sorry for being so gloomy today -- hopefully, something will happen (or I find something) to cheer me up. I think I need chocolate therapy...


~profgrrrrl~ said...

Well, I suspect you couldn't even take 20 kg of stuff to Jamaica given it's width ;)

That's so little. You'll be washing things in the sink a lot, eh? I just wore the same pants for an entire week, and it wasn't all that bad.

Go get some chocolate. You deserve it :)

Seeking Solace said...

Hmm. How does that explain the high amount of marijuana?

Yes, chocolate is good therapy!!!

Alice said...

Actually, I did even better -- skipped chocolate and induldged in retail therapy instead. Bought two pairs of shoes and a business suit I was kinda looking for anyway (guilty but not repentant). :)

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