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Monday, June 05, 2006

Aren't mothers wonderful... and annoying at times?

I made a mistake of mentioning my cold (which is almost gone now) to Mom yesterday. She immediately made plans to drive over and bring some Ukrainian goodies (fried pies with delicious fillings I love but oh so don't need right now when I am trying to lose weight). It took almost an hour to persuade her that I am old enough to take care of a simple cold, that I do drink plenty of fluids and get enough rest (two novels, huh), etc.

Then she mentioned making pelmeni -- Russian dumplings with meat filling -- next time I visit. Mom!!! There should be an 11th commandment: thou shalt not lead your kids into culinary temptations. We made a compromise -- she will make borsht (meat/vegetable soup) instead and I will even add a dollop of sour cream to it.

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