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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Confession... sort of...

What do you do to celebrate the end of each semester?

I make a batch of Tiramisu (my favorite dessert). Not that I need it -- I desperately need to lose weight gained over the past five years (from size 6 to size 14!!!) but I need that energy. And so I stay away from it for the entire semester only to give in at the end of each semester. Hey, at least I don't eat the entire batch -- I share with equally desperate colleagues. :)

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Bewildered Academic said...

I usually celebrate the end of the semester by buying myself a new video game, but I left my Xbox at home on the East Coast, so I'm going to have to find something else. I'm thinking that in between my new contacts and new glasses I've spent enough for this semester :-)

By the way, welcome to the academic blogosphere! I've enjoyed reading your posts!

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