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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Crazy but fun...

Somebody gave me this crazy book: "Uncle John's Slightly Irregular Bathroom Reader." I know, I know -- sounds nasty but, hey, highly productive -- load up on trivia while taking care of business. :)

Anyway, this is what I learned (um, outside of the place of business):
  • In Salem, West Virginia, it is illegal to leave home without knowing where you're going. But it's not fun!!!
  • Wearing high-heeled shoes is legal in Carmel, California... but you need a permit. Uh-oh, busted!
  • Detroit law prohibits a man from scowling at his wife on a Sunday. Hey, it should be an universal law; and not only on Sunday!
  • In Victoria, Australia, you need to be a licensed electrician to change a bulb. OK, will remember!
  • In Jonesboro, Georgia, it's against the law to say, "Oh, boy." Boy, oh, boy! I broke this law on numerous occassions since I used to work in that area.
  • In Paulding, Ohio, it's legal for a police officer to bite a dog. Arrrooogh!
  • In Huntsville, Alabama, you may not move your bed without a permit. Hmm, watch out Dixie girls!
  • In Michigan, it's against the law to put a skunk in your boss's desk. Darn!
  • The average adult has about 46 miles of nerves. Apparently, a good length of my nerves has been damaged during this semester if I am reduced to reading this kind of trivia! :)

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