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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Michigan Requires Online Attendance

Hmmm... Very interesting! Very beneficial, too, I think.

Michigan Requires Online Attendance
This morning Jennifer M. Granholm, the governor of Michigan, signed a bill that will require all high-school students in the state to take at least one course online before they can graduate. This is apparently the first such requirement in the nation [hope other states adopt this policy].

The provision was included in abill that toughened the overall state high-school-graduation standards [wholeheartedly agree]. The online course students take does not have to be for credit, but observers expect many students to take Advanced Placement courses via the Web.

Lawmakers initially questioned why they needed to require students who grew up on video games and the Internet to take online courses. In the end, they decided that making students conduct some of their education over the Internet would better prepare them for college and the workplace, which relies more and more on online tools.

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