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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Reasons for looking forward to May...

  • Working on a project with my advisor and can't wait to collect more data. It's so much fun and I am learning so much! Yeah, if somebody told me even a year ago that collecting data would be fun...
  • My sister is graduating from college and we are going on a mini-vacation: wonderful beach, luxury hotel (free, too -- drained my points but well worth it), lots of shopping opportunities... My laptop stays HOME! :)
  • No grading for three whole weeks!
  • No whining students for three whole weeks! I love teaching but everybody needs a break, right?
  • No grad courses until August -- I do want to graduate ASAP but 14 credit hours this semester... while working full time... um, too much... I really need a break...
  • Sleep all you want and/or can deal!!!
  • Closer to my trip to Africa in July (it's getting real -- after six shots and two prescriptions). My family and friends think I am nuts. Maybe they are right... :)
  • I found a great novel -- nothing serious, just easy reading (by Karen Kingsbury, if anyone is interested)

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