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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Native? Not really...

OK, it happened to me again. As I was walking around San Francisco on Friday and Saturday, at least three people asked me for directions. Sorry, I just arrived like two hours ago...

It's weird but happens on a regular basis. Last year, I was in Thailand and Cambodia. Now, I look anything BUT Oriental; still, I was asked for directions. One person asked me how long I lived in Cambodia. Ah, as of yesterday?

I wonder if this happens to anybody else. Maybe it's because I don't act like a tourist -- don't wear those cheesy t-shirts with "I love (location)" emblazoned on them, stop and gawk at something that catches my interest, walk with my eyes glued to a map, etc. Personally, I think those people miss so much. Instead, I find at least some info about the location and leisurely walk around and enjoy the sights as well as people.

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