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Monday, May 08, 2006

My Shopping Expedition

I finished averaging and posting all grades last night (well, this morning)!!! Yeah!!!

Did I deserve a treat? Of course! So I went shopping today with a new friend who apparently loves to shop as much as I do. And I was good, very good -- spent under $100, including lunch!

I bought

  • skin conditioning tonic from Prescriptives
  • four bottles of soap from Bath & Body Works (hey, regular price was $4.50 but they were on sale, 4 for $10.00)
  • salad at Ruby Tuesday
  • two sheet sets (embroidered Lillian Lace, nice and soft; on sale for $25.99 each)

The best part of this outing was, of course, just wandering around, talking, admiring some items, dismissing other items, etc. It was a great expedition!

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