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Monday, May 01, 2006

Not bad, not bad...

Landed contracts for two continuing education workshops, one for mining workers and another for the local K-12 teachers!!! It's a big deal at the community college level in our area because annual evaluations require at least one workshop. I already taught one this year so, with two more, I will scoop extra points, too. Yes, yes, yes!

The first project involves business writing consulting and training. It's not the most exciting area but it's my area of expertise at the moment and my students are eager for my suggestions as to areas of improvement. It will be fun identifying their weaknesses and providing appropriate instruction.

I am really, really, really excited about the second project. Having taught at K-12 level myself, I know how difficult it is to find relevant professional development courses. So I would like to establish a summer and/or online program for the local teachers. This is THE first course so I am excited and nervous at the same time. It will be fun sharing my teaching experience with these teachers but I need to impress them and their principals if we are to have more workshops. Any ideas, anyone?

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